Saturday, July 26, 2014

L'oreal Visible Lift Blur foundation and blushes

L'oreal has introduced these new items to their Visible Lift line. From left is the foundation in shade 203 Nude Beige, the blush in shade 501 Soft Peach, and the blush in shade 502 Soft Pink. These are new and I didn't see many shades available yet so I picked up the foundation in shade 203 Nude Beige. In MAC cosmetics I am shade NC25, and I would say shade 203 Nude Beige is a pretty close match. Now, I haven't worn the foundation and I can't write a review on it yet, but I will keep you posted, as I am excited to try this foundation, which claims to blur imperfections while delivering your skin with powerful anti aging ingredients. I have tried both of the blushes and I do like them

L'oreal Visible Lift shade 501 Soft Peach is a doll-like baby pink/coral. I think it looks slightly pinker though. I apply it after foundation but before my setting powder and it gives the most effotless flushed look. It isn't too pigmented so you have to use a little more of this one than you do with shade 502. As you can see in the swatches below, the soft pink one doesn't seem to look like there is any product on the hand once it is blended. If you want a natural look this is great because you can't overdo the application. Shade 502 in Soft Pink is actually a very hot pink blush. Although it looks subtler in the packaging, I assure you that it is hot pink and you have to be use this product almost sparingly because it is very pigmented. Once blended it gives the skin a nice and dewy satin finish on the cheeks, but like I mentioned before, start off with the smallest amount because this one is much more pigmented than shade 501.

Now time for the foundation swatches in shade 203 Nude Beige. It has a very nice creamy texture and seems to blend out well. I can't tell wether this will have good coverage because of the unique consistency. I am looking forward to trying it for work tomorrow. Let's see how this lasts on a 7 and a half hour shift.
Below swatched.
Above blended and below swatched and slightly blended once again.
Any thought on these?