Monday, August 18, 2014

Elf Disney Snow White Limited Edition line

Elf makes the most amazing limited edition Disney inspired palettes! Last year they featured “The Villains” and this year they have featured the princesses. I reviewed the Ariel beauty book palette back in June and now I will be reviewing and testing out the Snow White beauty book. All the shadows on this palette aren’t matte but the colors are suitable enough for the daytime. There isn’t a lot of fall out which is definitely a plus! When these products come out they are usually available at Walgreens, but you have to go as soon as the collection is released because Walgreens only receives about three of each product. You might still be able to get some of Elf’s limited edition Disney products on Here is the link to these products.

Get the look:
I used elf’s primer
“Keep Singing” on the entire crease to warm up the crease and as a transition color
“I’m Wishing” on the brow bone as a highlight
“Yodel” on the first half of the crease
“My Prince” on the middle of the crease
“One Song” on the outer corner of the eye
For foundation I used Revlon’s Color stay whipped foundation and Revlon’s color burst lacquer balm in 125 Flirtatious.