Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Maybelline The Nudes and The Smokes eyeshadow palettes

Maybelline came out with three eye shadow palettes recently. The “nudes”, “smokes”, and the “vibrants”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the vibrants for sale anywhere, but to be honest, after my experience with the nudes and smokes palettes it doesn’t bother me anymore. The packaging is chic and the palettes are pretty lightweight. I have used both palettes a few times and although the colors are perfect, the color payoff isn’t that good. I enjoy doing swatches of eye shadows but it wasn’t so fun with these palettes because I struggled to get the colors to show up on my hand. Applying eye shadow on your eyes is different than applying eye shadow on your arm, but for me my experience with these two palettes was the same. I suggest using a white base on your eyelids to improve the shadows intensity. I also found that applying these while your brush is a little bit damp could also increase the colors intensity. Although I had to pack on the color consistently to get some decent color, I did like that there was little no almost any fallout. Overall I would say that these eye shadows are okay for the price ($10). I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. Maybelline has some great eye shadow products which is why I am surprised. I feel like I almost hit the pan just by trying to swatch them!

The Smokes
The Smokes

Above the smokes and below the nudes.
The Nudes
This is a simple look I did using the smokes palette with three colors. The picture was taken outdoors in natural light. You be the judge. Leave your thoughts below!