Thursday, December 25, 2014

Outfit of the night

Each year that goes by gets just a little bit harder because each year I get a little bit closer towards my goals. I realized that each year will continue to be both physically and mentally demanding and more challenging than the previous year. It's up to us to make this challenging journey that we call life happy and  rewarding. I have had awful anxiety at times because of school and finals, and I am slowly learning to not let things get to me so much. Telling yourself not to get anxiety or worry too much about things isn't as easy as it sounds of course, but surrounding yourself with positive people and putting out nothing but positive vibes helps. It's crazy how one class can take a toll on your life. Buying new bags and shoes only makes you content for a hours, maybe days at most. But doing something for someone else is much more rewarding. As cliché as it sounds, its true, right? While I worry about the grade that I will get for Chemistry, someone else in the world is worrying about how he/she will feed their children. Although it's sad to think about the less fortunate and how we are unable to help every single person in need (but not impossible), sometimes we just need to keep these thoughts in mind and not be so hard on ourselves. Whatever is meant to be, will be meant to be. My new years resolution is to be a better human being in every sense possible to myself and to others. Sending out nothing but happy and positive vibes to everyone. Happy holidays and here is what I wore for Christmas.
Coat and boots from Forever 21. Michael Kors Selma satchel. Jeans from Wet Seal.