Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shine bright like a diamond. Review and swatches of Urban Decay highlighter in Illuminated

I can't believe that I discovered highlighters less than a year ago. They are so popular amongst most of our favorite Instagram makeup artist. @Amrezy is one of my favorites because she always manages to make her face look flawless. Although I am pretty pale, I have found that highlighters in the right shade dor my skin color make such an amazing and beautiful difference on the skin. This one by Urban Decay retails at $29 at Ulta. As I am fully aware that cosmetics do have an expiration date, I have become much more frugal when it comes to purchasing cosmetics. Unless I have coupons, can find a great deal, or I really want a product, I will not buy it. Your makeup stash can look amazing, but will you really use it all before the expiration date? Although a product can look close to perfect 9 months from now, it doesn’t mean it will do your skin any good. Be cautious and remember cosmetics do have an expiration date.
Pictured below on my hand, Ilumminated slightly blended.