Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review and swatches of Neutrogena nourishing long wear eye shadow + built in primer

I have to admit, Neutrogena is actually one of my least favorite brands from the drugstore. I have tried all of their foundations and powders, and I haven't been too impressed. The only concept intriguing about the Neutrogena brand is that it is "recommended and tested by dermatologists". I do admit that when I saw a dermatologist back when I was 19 years old, both my dermatologist and physicans assistant recommended that I use Neutrogena cleansing products. I didn't and I still don't understand why. The dermatologists gave me samples of Neutrogena products - which is why I believe that Neutrogena does distribute sample products to dermatologists so that their brand can be promoted. However, most of their skin care products for acne only contain 2% of Salacylic Acid, which you can find in other products for less than half of the price. That of course in another topic. But, down to th eyeshadows, I love them! They are pigmented, they apply well, and they blend well. Enough said, check out the pictures below. 
Pictured below from left to right, 40 Coco Mauve and 50 Mink Brown

Pictured below (colors from top to bottom and swatched left to right) 40 Coco Mauve

Pictured Below (colors from top to bottom from and swatched left to right) 50 Mink Brown