Saturday, January 31, 2015

First impression of Nars All day luminous weightless foundation

*See my updated review of the Nars All day luminous weightless foundation here.
I was talked into purchasing the Nars All day luminous weightless foundation in shade Light 2 Mont Blanc by the girls athe foundation clamp to last 16 hours and it is oil free. Sephora. tI had high hopes for th is product because the sales associated swore by it. I was initially going to purchase the Sephora airbrush foundation which was amazing reviews on (it's supposed to be a dupe for the Dior airflash foundation). Anywho, I asked one of the girls there of she could hp me find my shade and she warned me that it was awful and suggested I try the Nars one because it was great for acne prone and oily skin types. I decided to try it because Sephora will return it of I keep my receipt. We weren't sure about what shade to go for because my chest is palm and my neck is a little more yellow. We decided that the shade Mont Blanc suited my overall body better. I the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer with spf 50 and the Eclos primer prior to applying the foundation today. My face was well moisturized but when I applied the foundation I noticed that it somewhat accentuated the pores and blemishes on my skin. The foundation wasn't moisturizing on my face and the sales girl had mentioned I didn't need a setting powder. However, because I have  oily skin, I used Rimmel's Stay Matte transluscent powder to set the foundation. The foundation just didn't look flattering on my skin at all. I looked dry and scaly. My skin looked more hydrated and smooth before applying it. I asked my co worker for her opinion after 3 hours and she mentioned that my forehead looked oily and agreed that the foundation looked like it was melting off. Sure enough when I saw myself in the mirror there were 2 drops of foundation ready to run down my forehead. Too much information but that was my overall experience with it. I wish I could give this product another shot because it is oil free but it's $48.00 and for that hefty price I expect something that will last longer than 3 hours. I work in retail, on the sales floor, nothing too demanding, and I don't see how th is foundation couldn't hold up. What are your thoughts on this prodcut?
In the picture belowme awfullyes how the foundation looked after 3 hours. Because of the lighting you can't see the shine too much, but I looked shiny.

I took the following picture below right after I got home from an 8 hour shift. Don't be fooled by the lighting though because it caked on me awfully.