Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walgreens coupon code 20% off most beauty and personal care items

Walgreens currently has a pretty great deal on ther website. 20% off on beauty & personal care items. I placed my order on 1/25/15 and just received it today 1/28/15. Just 3 days, lucky for me I live in California and their warehouse is pretty close to me. I would suggest for you to take advantage of this deal because you also get free shipping to your home if you spend $25 before sales tax. Let me tell you about what I ordered and why. Exfoliation is essential for your skin because it helps slough off dead skin cells to review a more radiant and fresher skin. One of my favorite books called "Secrets for Ageless Skin", written by Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D., Ph.D enmphasizes on exfoliation. A lot of people are intimidated by exfoliation because they fear that it might “wear their skin down”. In the words of Dr. Denese, “the skin is an amazing organ; the more you wear it down, the more it grows”. You can exfoliate every night safely using 10% glycolic acid pads after you have thoroughly removed all of your makeup. 10% is the ideal amount for daily use. I currently use the Serious Skincare brand but I am going to try these St Ives ones because they were super cheap (around 5 dollars), and absolutely love all their face washes which have tiny beads fine enough for exfoliation. I have tried the Glycolic Acid peel in 30% of the Perfect Image brand and liked it. I have never tried Lactic Acid before and am excited to try this. However, my goal is not to promote the Perfect Image Glycolic or Lactic acid peels. I have had up to 50% glycolic peels done by my dermatologist and my skin doesn’t have any bad reactions to the peel. My dermatologist began performing these on my monthly visits since I was 18 and he gradually got my skin to adequately handle the 50%. Please do your research first and consult with a dermatologist so you can begin at a low dose and gradually work your way up. I began doing 30% Glycolic peels at home after speaking to my dermatologist and reading credible books by doctors. Once you have informed yourself about the amazing benefits and precautions when using these types of products, then you can feel safer about using these products at home safely at home for your personal use. I will be giving the Lactic acid peel later this week at night so I won’t irritate my skin or be in the sun afterwards. You can purchase these products on Amazon as well but with free shipping and 20% off this month (not sure when the coupon expires) this is a great time to stock up on your beauty items!