Thursday, October 8, 2015

E.l.f The Villains limited edition collection

October is the month when makeup lovers await for the E.l.f limited edition Villains themed items. Let me just start off by saying that these items can be ridiculously difficult to get a hold off solely because each store will generally only carry 3 peices of the same item. Thes E.l.f limited edition itemes are only available ar Walgreens. Sometimes you can find them available for sale on, but that is not always a guarantee. Being that I work at a makeup counter, I know that these products fly off the shelf. I actually wasn't able to get a hold of them at my local Walgreens, because they sold out within the first 2 days, but after hunting them down I found them! I honestly didn't want to even bother with the book eeajadow palettes because the staying power of those is non existent. I was going to just boycott the limited edition items because although the packaging is the cutests, the quality just isn't there. With that being said, these pictured below were $3.99 each, so I  decided to give these a try. The only product I have worn so far is the blush in shade jealous, and I do really like it. Nice pigmentation but most importantly it has lasted on me during my 8 hour work shifts.  Like I mentioned previously, these items sell out fast so call your local Walgreens and ask if they are still in stock. Have a wonderful weekend.