About Me

Hello everyone my name is Vanessa. I am a 21-year-old college student from sunny California. My major is dermatology. It has been a long process and getting there and it will continue to be one, but it is my dream. Not just because of the fancy white coat, but because I can interact with people and help them. The reason I chose to be in this field is because I have seen dermatologist from different geographical areas and I never found the one that was willing to address the cause of my problems. I would always leave more confused than ever with a prescription for anti-biotics. I thought if someone was intelligent enough to attend medical school, then they should have a basic understanding of how nutrition, genes, and other factors play a significant role in skin conditions. I believe that the medical system is not as great as I could be, and yes I want to attempt to change that. Aside from work and school I enjoy experimenting with new makeup products, in particular drugstore ones, because they are affordable and most drugstores have friendly return policies! I hope to make this blog a mixtue of everything, night life, fashion, makeup, and health.